Sejong Frontiers of KDI School

Back in November 2014, KDI School still in Seoul made a call for reporters called “The Sejong Frontiers”. This call produced several video reports of the new city.Its main goal was for students to visit the campus for two days and report on several locations around campus.

Here are the results in the following order:
Transportation – Shopping – Islamic needs – Downtown – Healthcare and sightseeing.

  • Seoul-Sejong Bus transportation
  • Sejong City to Seoul by Bus
  • From Sejong to Daejeon to Seoul by KTX
  • Seoul-KDI by KTX Train
  • Seoul-Sejong transportation
  • Dodam Village

  • Daepyeong Market
  • Sejong Hanseoldong (Cheotmaeul)
  • Sejong Hanseoldong (Cheotmaeul)
  • Asian and halal food mart in Daepyeong, Sejong City.
  • Daejeon – Eunhangdong (near daejeon station) Shopping Street

  • Halal/islamic/asian food mart in Daejeon
  • Homeplus in Sejong City
  • Islamic center and halal food store in Daejeon from Sejong/KDI
  • Chungnam hospital Emergency center(충남대병원), Sejong Library, Lake park near Government Complex
  • Daejeon-Hospital (Yuseongsun hospital) and around

These videos were recorded during the last weeks of November 2014 and some content may not be accurate anymore!