The Ultimate Transportation Guide inside Sejong City

Sejong, Korea’s brand new city is a showcase of their best urbanistic technologies. But how well are they pulling it off? That’s a question that you have to answer depending on your experience with their transport system.



Remember you tap a card getting on the bus and when you get off so it can calculate the appropriate fare.

For a trip of 10 kilometers or less, the fare is 1,200 KRW, pay only 1,150 if you use T-Money card.
For each additional kilometer traveled, 100.88 KRW will be deducted. You can transfer up to 3 times for free in an hour.

For 990 BRT bus the fare is different.

Travel inside the city is the same fare as regular bus.

Travel between the city and Osong/Banseok stations is 1,550 KRW (1,600 KRW cash).
Traveling the entire line from Osong to Banseok is 1,950 KRW (2,000 KRW cash).

990 BRT Bus Route

990 BRT Bus Route


Taxi fares start 2,800 KRW and add up as you go for time or distance. If you call a taxi there’s a surcharge of 1,000 KRW for the on-call.


Quick Korean:

Come to Homeplus. /Homeplus Oh Seh Yoh/
Take me to KDI. /KDI Ka Juseyo/

There’s a couple of taxis you can call depending on the area you are in. add 044 before all phone numbers.

Jochiwon: 1588-0600; 865-8282; 865-0123

Cheotmaeul/Government Complex: 867-4040; 865-8181; 868-8253;

Cheotmaeul/Geunnamyeon: (044) 866-7695


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