Everything about Korea National Health Insurance

When we arrive at KDI School, unless you oppose, the school signs you up to Dongbu Insurance’s Foreigner plan (www.foreignerinsu.com), which is basically works through a reimbursement system: You get sick, get medical attention, pay it yourself, and then submit the receipts to the insurance company online. After some time (reportedly a few weeks or even a month), you will get your money back, minus a pretty big deductible, depending on your kind of sickness. The more serious the illness, the more you get back. Continue reading

Dentist’s office in Sejong City! Yemidam Dental Clinic

It will eventually happen to all of us: that dreaded moment when we MUST visit a dentist. And if you’re unlucky enough, it will be during your stay in Korea. Although the language barrier and the weirdness factor will be strong deterrants to go, you may end up going there anyway because of the pain. So here’s my experience in Yemidam Dental Clinic, very near to Sejong City so you don’t feel completely lost if you need dental attention! Continue reading