Dentist’s office in Sejong City! Yemidam Dental Clinic

It will eventually happen to all of us: that dreaded moment when we MUST visit a dentist. And if you’re unlucky enough, it will be during your stay in Korea. Although the language barrier and the weirdness factor will be strong deterrants to go, you may end up going there anyway because of the pain. So here’s my experience in Yemidam Dental Clinic, very near to Sejong City so you don’t feel completely lost if you need dental attention!

So, I found and visited one of the closest dental clinics from KDI School: Yemidam Dental Clinic. In Korean 예미담치과. “치과” means dental clinic. 치 is tooth or teeth and 과 is clinic. This clinic is located right on top of Sejong March 세총마치.

Yemidam Dental Clinic is on the top floor of Sejong March.

Yemidam Dental Clinic is on the top floor of Sejong March. You can see the blue and white hangul letters: 예미담 치과 on top of the Thai restaurant.

Clinic entrance

Clinic entrance

Once you get there, go directly to the receptionist, who does speak English and will ask you to fill out a form with your name, phone number and address. If you can, write your name in Hangul Korean characters, because they upload it to their system so it displays well.

You don’t need an appointment, they welcome walkins (like me). You will be asked to wait in a couch for a moment until the dental assistant calls you in.


Reception desk with some sort of promotions board.


The clinic is small and straightforward: this is the waiting room.


Waiting room

As usual, coffee and water are available.

As usual, coffee and water are available.

After a quick wait, I was sent to the dentist chair. The doctor spoke English reasonably well and I could explain my pain and problem. He sent me to get a quick panoramic X-ray. He did some quick examination and tested me throughly. I’ve been with doctors in Korea that don’t check you well. He took his time.


As everything in Sejong, the doctor’s equipment was all new and cutting-edge.


I only saw one dentist but four dental assistants. They have everything ready for you.


The dentist chair has a screen right in front of you where you see all the xrays and stuff…

After a bit, I was told about my problem and the dentist told me what we were going to do. I stepped out with the receptionist, my prescription was given and the doctor waived the consultation charge just because. He didn’t say why, I guess it was some sort of courtesy for being the first foreigner he’s seen in a while and he wants to draw some more business from KDIS. I also got a free toothbrush! 😀


Free toothbrush, prescription and the clinic’s business card.

I’ll be back to follow up on my treatment, but so far so good! Have you visited Yemidam Dental Clinic? How was your experience? Comment below!