“Italian” Restaurant in Sejong March! TRANOI

I saw this “Italian” restaurant in Sejong March and had to try it. TRANOI.

As you guessed, its not Italian at all. Hosu Maru sells the same, does it better, and much cheaper.

Table Setting

Table Setting

Two page menu

Two page menu, they were out of the sirloin beef steak.

They were out of the so called Prime Steak...

House Salad

House Salad, not bad. It was not pretentious at all.

This is their 'steak': pork belly or Samgyeopsal...

This is their ‘smoked for 3 days samgyeopsal’: tasted like any Samgyeopsal with chip salsa and a bunch of onions…

Their 'pasta'. Just like any other Koreanized tomato sauce pasta with seafood.

Their ‘pasta’. Just like any other koreanized tomato sauce pasta with seafood.

I don’t have to say that this pasta is not pasta; Samgyeopsal is not Italian, and the house salad is just any salad. Better to skip this place.