How to get the I-PIN (iPin) in Korea

Hello there!

This article will explain how to get the famous Korean I-PIN (or iPin, however you want to spell it). It is simply a username and password. If you want to use the public bikes or get homeplus deliveries, we will tell you how to get it.

Its purpose, as discussed previously here, is to provide a secure means of identification in Korean online services. It is normally skipped by those that have a postpaid Korean phone number, hence, it is of most use to foreigners or those Koreans that do not want their private information to be known.

Either way, to be able to get your I-PIN, you first need to make sure you already have your online digital public key certificate (commonly known simply as the “certificate”), which I explain how to get it here.

If you live in Sejong city, the iPin can help you get access to things like eMart & Homeplus online shopping, the public bike system, and online ticketing services like ticketlink/interpark (similar to ticketmaster), and others.

Once you have it, the process of getting the iPin is not that long, but it can be a bit tricky. Here’s how:

Click in the bottom middle "Getting public I-PIN"

Click in the bottom middle “Getting public I-PIN”


You will see this page. Tick the boxes that you approve.


Scroll all the way down and click “Getting public I-PIN”


You will see this page, start filling out your information. Where it Says Foreign number, its your Alien Registration Card number. Be sure to type your name the way its written in the card. All Caps!

Once you type the name and foreign number, click on real name verification. If you did not spell or type your name exactly like it is in your record, it will fail. Be careful. When you do it properly, it will show that the confirmation was completed.

When you{re done, you should see it something like this. Click Confirm to continue

In this section you type your name, your alien card number, and choose de ipin ID. Be sure to write it down, its easy to forget so many passwords and users! Choose a password hint and answer, an email, and at least a mobile number. Click confirm.


If you see this, that means you’re doing great! Click OK


Click OK once more…


Now, this is going to pop up to ask for your certificate. If its in your computer, you should see a window just like this one pop up. Type in your certificate password and press ENTER on your keyboard. Because of the ?? we don’t know which one is OK or CONTINUE, so just press ENTER.


TA-DA!! Your iPin creation has been successful!! The iPin lasts a year and you can renew it for free. Enjoy!