Sejong City Public Bikes. Tutorial.

Sejong’s public bike sharing system, called Ouling , can be hard to use for foreigners that don’t speak Korean. That is why I have prepared a comprehensive tutorial on how to use it, step by step. 

How does the system work?

Its a bike sharing system in which all the bikes are owned by the city and lent out.

The upsides are that you get unlimited 90 minute rides, after each ride you can put the bike back at any station in the city. It also has an embedded chain and automated lock, a distance, speed, and burnt-calorie counter! The bikes are also reasonably comfortable to use and the stations are located in most important spots around town.

The downsides are a few too. Be aware that using it is not free. You must purchase a subscription that can be for one day, one week, one month,  6 months, or one year. It gives you unlimited 90 minute rides, after each ride you must put the bike back at any station. If you take longer, the system will bill you an extra charge and you can’t borrow for a while until the charge has been processed.

Also, the registration process is painfully complicated, (which is why this tutorial was made), and its all in Korean. There is no English interface.

Finally, its worth mentioning that the system does not work 24 hours. You can only borrow bikes from 5am to 12am everyday.

Before starting with the tutorials, let’s check out the price structure.

1 day: (only with postpaid Small payments phone) 1,000 won.

1 week: 2,500 won

1 month: 5,000 won

6 months: 20,000 won

1 year: 30,000 won.

The easiest way to get it working is having a postpaid, spayments-enabled mobile phone. Even without enabling small payments, post paid phones help you skip most of the registration processes.

If you have a prepaid phone or no phone line, this tutorial is designed specifically for you.

  1. Online public key certificate. Tutorial on how to get it is here. To get the certificate, you need a Korean bank account.
  2. iPin. The tutorial is here. To get the iPin, you need the certificate.
  3. Register for the Public bikes system. Tutorial is here. If you have a postpaid phone you can start from this point. To register you need either an iPin or a post paid phone.
  4. Choose a bike check-out method: with a tmoney card as a ‘key’ or with your smartphone. The Tutorial on both methods is here. To check them out you need to register for the system first, except if you have a post paid phone and only want to pay for a one day subscription. In this case you register directly at the kiosk.

That’s it enjoy the bikes!!