How to borrow the Sejong Bikes with your phone or T-Money Card.


If you already registered for Sejong City’s Ouling public bike system, the very last step before you actually ride the bike is to actually choose how to do check it out. Here I will explain how to use both methods: through your smartphone or through your T-Money card as a ‘key’. If you want to register, follow these instructions. Continue reading

How to sign up for Ouling: Sejong City’s public bike sharing system.

Hola Amigos!!

Sejong city, with all its new brand-new facilities, has baffled us with its difficulty and lack of practicality. But after today, I guarantee you will enjoy the city a lot more than before by using the public bike sharing system called “Ouling” (Korean: 어우링). This tutorial will show you how. If you are already registered and want to check out a bike, follow these instructions. Continue reading

How to get the Electronic Digital Public Key Certificate in Korea


So today, I will guide you step by step on how to get the Certificate, which is the first step in doing anything electronic in this country. The trusted agency, your bank, is the one that emits it.

This is the first of a series of articles where I will explain how to get online banking in Korea, how to get the infamous ‘certificate’, how to register and get the iPin, and finally, how to register and use the public bike sharing system in Sejong City.

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